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MacaKit is the kit that allows you to breed the caterpillars of the species Papilio machaon the famous swallowtail. Once they have transformed into wonderful butterflies you can free them and they will continue their incredible life cycle in nature.

Duration of the experience: about 30 days

The Machaon butterfly

The swallowtail ( P. machaon ) is a butterfly belonging to the Papilionidae family. It is one of the largest European butterflies and considered by many to be one of the most beautiful. It is a native species, present throughout the Italian territory, which frequents sunny meadows preferring areas with a mild climate. Its caterpillars in the wild feed mainly on wild Apiaceae such as carrot and wild fennel. Unfortunately, like other butterflies, it is undergoing a sharp decline mainly due to the disappearance of its habitat (uncultivated meadows).

Why a kit?

  • An unforgettable experience

The kit allows you to closely observe the life cycle of the most beautiful European butterfly, an unforgettable experience! Macakit includes caterpillars and everything needed for their breeding (including feed and instructions).

  • Raise people's awareness

MacaKit is a tool able to sensitize people to the issue of biodiversity conservation. Only by knowing butterflies in depth will we be able to protect them.

  • Share your dream

When the butterflies have come out of the chrysalises you can free them in nature!

In this way they will continue their wonderful life cycle outdoors and by laying eggs they will give life to other butterflies.


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