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Insects are a resource

insects are the future

Biodiversity on planet earth amounts to about 10 million species; only a few hundred of these belong to the class of mammals (including man), while about 6 million belong to that of INSECTS, animals with six legs (superclass Hexapoda, from the Greek "with six legs" precisely ). If we counted the individual organisms we would arrive at much larger numbers: for every man on earth there are from 200 to 2000 kg of insects. They are therefore very abundant also in terms of biomass.


Insects are also often involved in our economy, usually without our knowledge. In fact, they perform very important ecological tasks, mostly for free;

  • They accelerate the decomposition processes

  • They guarantee the pollination of crops;

  • They prey on other harmful insects;

  • They are at the base of the food chain of many animals;


This is why our company aims at insects not so much as enemies to fight, but as a resource to be used intelligentlyin the zootechnical, ecological and even food sectors.

Dr. Pier Paolo Poli  

Dr. Emanuele Rigato

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