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Butterflies are flying diurnal insects, whose life cycle consists of four phases: egg, larva or caterpillar, pupa or chrysalis, adult or imago. Despite the common belief that the duration of the adult phase is one day only, in reality the average length of this phase is several days: in some species adults live only a few hours, in others they can live up to 1 year old. Another myth to dispel is that the "powder on the wings" is necessary for adults to fly. Actually, the micro-scales of which it is composed are not functional for flying, they only have a communicative function: they characterize shapes and colors of the drawings on the wings.
Farfalla macaone

We breed butterflies for teaching and urban ecology activities.

Some of the species we have bred are: P. rapae, P. brassicae, P. machaon, A. urticae, V. cardui, V. atalanta, I. io, I. podalirius.

The butterflies belonging to native species can be protagonists of spectacular releases (Butterfly-Release) during parties, weddings and other events. Visit the dedicated website here.

Our butterflies are bred with cutting-edge techniques, in full respect of their biological needs.

Bombyx died

Silk is a bio-material produced by insects and spiders. It is composed of two proteins: fibroin and sericin. Through various processes this natural fiber (produced by selected species over time) is transformed into fabric.

Baco da Seta
Thanks to the acquired knowledge and the technologies developed by the company research, our breeding farm is the first one in Italy to guarantee a continuous production of silkworms throughout the year.


Hermetia Illucens

The black soldier fly, and especially its larva, are the object of study by many researchers. Thanks to its extreme adaptability to different food substrates, it seems to be the ideal candidate for bio-conversion of organic waste projects. Given its habits and the docile nature (very different from that of the irritating domestic fly) the soldier fly is neither annoying nor dangerous for public health.
Mosca Soldato
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