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ButterflyKit is the kit that allows you to breed caterpillars of the Pieris brassicae or major cabbage species, discovering their incredible metamorphosis.

Duration of the experience: 20-25 days

The Cavolaia Maggiore

The major cabbage ( Pieris brassicae ) is a moth belonging to the Pieridae family. It is a native species, present throughout the Italian territory. It was once very common, now it is increasingly rare in our gardens.

Not to be confused with the lesser cabbage ( Pieris rapae ) which although similar is smaller and still very abundant.

Because   a kit?

  • A simple experience  

ButterflyKit was designed with those who are new to insect farming in mind. It will take you a few minutes a week and in 20-25 days you can free the butterflies! In the kit you will find everything you need (including feed) to complete the breeding of caterpillars up to the butterfly stage.  

  • Recommended for teaching

Simple instructions will accompany you in carrying out the experience. Observe and enjoy the wonder of metamorphosis! below you will find supports for educational activities to complement the kit and you can share your activities with other users.

  • Love for nature  

ButterflyKit is a great solution if you want to amaze a loving person

of nature with a beautiful and original gift.

Releasing the butterflies raised with such passion is a unique emotion!

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