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Gryllo is the kit that allows you to breed crickets of the Acheta Domesticus species and immerse yourself in their magical song.

Duration of the experience: from 30 to 60 days approximately


The domestic cricket

The domestic cricket (Acheta domesticus) is an orthopteran insect belonging to the Gryllidae family, native to southwestern Asia and spread widely throughout the northern hemisphere starting from the seventeenth century. It is also called the "hearth cricket" because it finds the best conditions for living in the warmth typical of human settlements.


Its life cycle is completed in two or three months, if raised at 25 ° C, and is accomplished through 6 stages (with five moults) in which the cricket will go from about 1 mm in length to 2 cm. The diet is omnivorous, but mainly plant-based.

Bred in China, Japan and South Korea for about a thousand years, it is considered an animal that brings good luck: according to tradition, if a person with a pure heart looks after one, he will be able to express a wish that will be granted.

Appreciated for its singing, this precious pet was housed in small cages made of bamboo or other material: just think that at the imperial court it was traditional to keep it in gold cages.


The typical song of crickets is called frinio: it is produced by the rubbing of a series of crests on one wing against a scraper located on the opposite wing. The frequency of the songs is proportional to the ambient temperature, the warmer it is, the more the cricket sings. The tonality, on the other hand, varies according to the size of the specimen, the larger its size, the more serious the tone will be.

Are you curious to hear their singing? You are satisfied:

Because  a kit?

  • It is company

The domestic cricket is an excellent companion animal: with its presence it is suitable for those looking for a discreet roommate but with great singing skills.

  • Contact with nature

This experience is useful for young and old to encourage them to take care of these nice creatures by stimulating natural curiosity: with a greater sensitivity towards the microworld of insects it will be possible to know their characteristics and understand their importance. Plus, it's a unique opportunity to have some nature at home.

  • It is beneficial

Recent scientific studies have shown that the singing of these friendly insects brings benefits both on a cognitive and psychological level: its melody has a relaxing effect that reduces stress, improving mood and concentration.

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